Social Media, Strategy


/ Are you social?

Hand on your heart – how social is your social channels? If you take a look at how you are communicating on your Facebook and Instagram channel, in what direction is the communication flowing?

Today it’s so easy that the way you communicate comes from you and outwards (which is good in another aspect). But social media is just social – are you still standing there screaming in a megaphone expecting people to listen through your sponsored ads and offers?

/ Get the talk of the town going

Together we create a social strategy that will help you build your brands digital community.

This means that your long-term plan for social media need to focus on being the place to be when it comes to fashion (insert your industry here). Whenever they need style ideas, how to instructions or inspiration your brand is there reaching out a hand together with your community.

By creating content that make your fans interact because they benefit from it is the way to go in today’s social feeds.

/ Be the center of attention

If you only communicate by wanting something from your fans and followers and not giving anything back (a great discount don’t count). Why should they care about you? It’s the harsh truth.

By putting them in focus (as it is beautifully described in your vision and mission document) and creating actual value that they can benefit from in their feed, you are starting to get there. Social media depends on interaction and why would someone keep interacting with ads constantly asking them to buy things?

Create a three-way intersection instead of a one-way street. Read our statement here!