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a table cloth with some cups and plates
/ 11 December, 2018

Linum Design: new client and new work online

We are very excited to present Linum Design as a new client Have a look at the campaign for their pattern Veronica that is online tight now! &
/ 12 January, 2018

Fashion photography: from art to commerce and back again?

Now when marketers need to rely even more on people’s opinions and engagement (after Facebooks news today) Isn’t it time for the art in fashion ph
/ 10 November, 2017

Are you looking at others work the wrong way?

We are all looking at others work all the time; in magazines, at ads in the subway and especially in social media If you are a creative like I am some
/ 18 September, 2017

The Psychology of a Selfie

Social media is all about creating a bond with your images between your brand and your customer How do I do that you say Well, it’s not that hard; i
/ 23 August, 2017

Peak Performance by…

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