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/ 2 February, 2018

It’s OK to spam

What My email gets full of unwanted e-mails trying to sell me things I don’t want How can you say It’s OK to spam! There you have the answer: U
/ 12 January, 2018

Fashion photography: from art to commerce and back again?

Now when marketers need to rely even more on people’s opinions and engagement (after Facebooks news today) Isn’t it time for the art in fashion ph
/ 31 October, 2017

Should your brand be on all social channels?

I know it’s tempting to be on all social channels: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Youtube But with everything here in life you h
Don't rush your social media
/ 18 September, 2017

Don’t rush your social media

Nothing good comes out of rushing it Relationships, business deals and social media Being eager to raise that that amount of followers is nothing wron
/ 26 April, 2017

Social channels according to us

What is a community or a thriving digital channel Today as a brand it’s easy to post content and hoping it receives likes, shares and comments due