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/ 6 October, 2017

Instageddon: mico-influencers now is your time!

If you work in communication and with influencers you probably noticed that things have been changing at Instagram The organic reach has been going do
/ 23 September, 2017

Social Media (Tinder style): Be social not a show off

The question you need to ask yourself is: am I social Am I being part of the conversation Because that’s what its’ all about in social media, bein
/ 18 September, 2017

The Psychology of a Selfie

Social media is all about creating a bond with your images between your brand and your customer How do I do that you say Well, it’s not that hard; i
Don't rush your social media
/ 18 September, 2017

Don’t rush your social media

Nothing good comes out of rushing it Relationships, business deals and social media Being eager to raise that that amount of followers is nothing wron
/ 1 September, 2017

The end of the CTA?

I see a trend in how fashion brands communicate their content online I see a tendency where the hardcore sale CTA is moving away from social media and
/ 23 August, 2017

Peak Performance by…

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/ 26 April, 2017

Social channels according to us

What is a community or a thriving digital channel Today as a brand it’s easy to post content and hoping it receives likes, shares and comments due