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/ 17 September, 2018

What gives you creative energy?

In todays society it's easy to deplete the creative energy you have within you This can happen when you stress a lot, too little work nourishing your
/ 2 February, 2018

It’s OK to spam

What My email gets full of unwanted e-mails trying to sell me things I don’t want How can you say It’s OK to spam! There you have the answer: U
/ 25 January, 2018

A world without ads

In the world we are living in today it’s pretty hard to imagine a world where no ads exist But if now all the pop-ups, banners, billboards and spons
/ 12 January, 2018

Fashion photography: from art to commerce and back again?

Now when marketers need to rely even more on people’s opinions and engagement (after Facebooks news today) Isn’t it time for the art in fashion ph
/ 5 January, 2018

What can fashion brands expect from Instagram in 2018 and how to use it

2018 has just begun and what might Instagram bring to the table Nothing is for sure, but this is what might be coming and how you can use it in Instag
/ 15 December, 2017

(Part 2) How Fashion Stories want to change the way the Fashion Industry communicate

Our way of life when creating “likeable” content is to make it inclusive for the ones who read in their feed We do this by making the fans a part
/ 4 December, 2017

How Fashion Stories want to change the way the Fashion Industry communicate – Part 1

Making content that creates a relationship and a bond between your brand and the people that follows you is hard But it is also crucial and what we be
/ 10 November, 2017

Are you looking at others work the wrong way?

We are all looking at others work all the time; in magazines, at ads in the subway and especially in social media If you are a creative like I am some
/ 31 October, 2017

Should your brand be on all social channels?

I know it’s tempting to be on all social channels: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Youtube But with everything here in life you h
/ 14 October, 2017

Get your hands dirty and grow your social media

Do you feel you are standing still in your social growth That your engagement isn’t what you want it to be If you were true to your self, how much d