Can communication be more than selling a product? Can fashion be more than a shallow world? I truly believe so. When magazines like Vogue still was in their early days fashion was art. So was fashion photography. I believe these days can inspire us today.

In our digital world everything tends to be faster and more shallow for each year, social media post and spring collection. I wonder if we can take the art back into fashion? Make it more meaningful and sustainable than just for a season.

I was asking myself if there was nowadays the possibility for an image to become iconic. I was naturally referring to how fast things go in photography today, to the number of images that are produced, to the fact that they are often disposable and in general to how ephemeral photography has become since it’s stopped being a tangible object..

Alessia Glaviano, senior photo editor of Vogue Italia

I love communication and I love art. Art is the living proof of what communication can be, if we let it mature and don’t rush it – just to get that quick sale. Being a part of the marketing department at Fotografiska (the museum of photography) showed me what great communication can be.

How a message, purpose or a voice can be amplified with thoughtful communication instead of another sales offer and discount. In the long run, that is what makes a successful brand.

2015 – 2017 Fotografiska Museum – Digital Editor
Responsible for the digital and social channels. Content production that included a short-documentary of art photographer Helene Schmitz.

2016 – 2017 Sandlund/Hossain bags – Digital Consultant
Creating a strategy for their social media channels and content. How can S/H as a start-up gain an audience and push sales.

2017 – 2018 Daily Sports Fashion – Editor / Creative
One foot in marketing and one in e-commerce. Managing the day to day communication and content production.

2011 – 2012 Nelly.com – Photographer
Catalog production images, branding images and retouching.

2009 – 2011 Red Bull Photographer / National Brand Specialist
First Scandinavian photographer to attend their internship for photographers at Red Bull HQ.

2015 – 2015 BLK DNM – Digital Creative / PR
(Internship and letter of recommendation). 
Creative for their digital platform and PR & communications department. Created a digital strategy and a leave behind.

Key Achievements

2009 Release of Adrenalin.
A coffee table book with a collection of my best action sport images.

2009 Overall winner of Nine Knights competition
Overall winner with best single shot.

2010 Red Bull Illume semifinal
Ranked top 150 (of 26.000) in Red Bull Illume photography contest.

2010 FOTO magazine
Sweden’s most respected photographic journal, published the cover and main article about my work.

2012 Release of  Åre Offpist Guide
A collaboration between me and the journalist Kristoffer Frenkel.

2014  The Annual book fair in Gothenburg
Held two lectures at about creating photography books.

2018 Lens Culture Portrait Awards
Image selected for the competition gallery and was among the top-rated entries received.